Monday, October 27, 2008

Diva's Hand Bag

My first trial at complex novelty cake! Designed and decorated this hand bag cake for my shopping buddy and dear friend Lils as her birthday present. The end result was really fantastic and the birthday girl looooooooved her cake. Happy Birthday Lils, hope you enjoyed your cake as much as I enjoyed decorating it.


Lils said...

OH My Goodness!!! When i first saw this beauty ...I didn't know whether to wear it or eat it!!! I sure struggled with cutting it up, but did so for fear of my life as everyone else wanted to sink their teeth into it.... only after they were done admiring it!!!!

I tell you, you would have to be nuts not to have your cake produced by Yummy slice!!!! I mean look at the cakes...... they speak for themselves!!!

Get on the band wagon and place your order, see if you can beat my 'Diva' cake if you dare.......before the wagon leaves you behind!!!

from, a VERY satisfied recipient!!!!!

Mamm said... really crack me girl! I am truly flattered!!!

Lils said...

You should be luv, your work speaks VOLUMES!!!! Hard work truly does pay off!!!!!!