Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shoe Cake - Cinderella's Missing Shoe

This was my very first attempt at making a SHOE like this! With Marzipan. My friend's husband asked me to make a birthday cake for his wife's 35th birthday party. Making and decorating the cake was no big deal but when it came to the shoe, my goodness, I encountered some serious challenges as I did not have a shoe form or anything like that. I spent hours designing the shoe so that it looks like a true size shoe! Maria girl, you lucky I appreciates you or else I would have just brought you the cake without the shoe you so badly wanted! :o) But hey, Cinderella has to try on the shoe right? So I had no choice but to produce the it as it cannot be bought! LOL. All said and done, I had great fun designing and decorating this cake. The party was really great and the lovely and endless compliments eased the pain off my fingers, wrists,back, etc.!

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